Personal Styling


Ammarah's personal styling session

At Ammarah we believe in and always encourage our customers to shop their own wardrobe first before indulging in an unnecessary shopping spree. We are all guilty of finding many clothes in our own wardrobe that we have only worn once or not worn at all. It is very easy to go to a store and buy already styled pieces without actually thinking about the quality, the number of wears, and its social impact.

One of the steps towards conscious consumerism is to invest in garments that are versatile and can be styled in different ways. We must always try to get the most out of one piece of clothing so that it will help you eventually buy less and choose well. 

 If you have no idea how to shop your own closet, don't worry! Our personal wardrobe styling session will help you create many styles out of each piece we choose!

Our aim is to elevate your existing sense of style and inspire you to try new ideas so that you can see yourself in a new light. It is very important for us to make you feel comfortable in your skin so we always recommend something that matches your aesthetic. Usually, it's some minor tweaks and some fresh ideas to inspire you to wear what you already have in your wardrobe!

What can you expect?

We get to know you via phone call/email/video call to understand your personal style and aesthetic. Then, as part of the process, we style head-to-toe looks by using pieces from your own wardrobe.

Or if you have any questions regarding your purchase, we're there to help you too! 

Is it Free?

Yes, get styled virtually or at your place (Vancouver lower mainland only) for FREE!

*The styling session is available regardless of whether you purchase from Ammarah or not! We understand the overwhelming feeling of trying to chip away at your wardrobe and we are happy to help!*