Our Story

Ammarah - Eternal Beauty

We are a platform for premium sustainable & ethical designer brands.

We thoughtfully curate chic finds, bearing in mind- our environment and the welfare of our craftsmen, without compromising on quality, comfort and style. Our platform celebrates ingenuity, embraces slow fashion, and uplifts artisan communities that are slowly waning due to the adversities of the fashion industry.

The fashion industry at present plays a large role in environmental degradation and exploitation of people in the global supply chain. It is this darker side of fashion that motivated Ammarah's transformation into a conscious, caring and creative organization. We strive to be more inclusive not only of the people wearing our clothes but also of the people making our clothes. 

At Ammarah we do not compromise on style or creativity in order to fulfill our sustainability and ethical missions. We are not just a fashion boutique but a resource of inspiration to a community of people from different cultures and backgrounds, looking for positive changes in our environment.

If you wish to partake in our transformative project by owning an ethical wardrobe experience Ammarah.