About the Founder


women wearing blue dress - founder of Ammarah
Tripti, Founder of Ammarah Collective- A fashion marketer eager to apply her skills and creativity in an industry that always excited her. Despite being on her way to a successful career in engineering, it was always fashion and its many social, cultural and economic dimensions that lured her.

"Ammarah is my passion project. Being of Indian origin and growing up in Dubai,  my style represents a confluence of India’s vibrancy as well as Dubai’s modernity and dynamism.

I have a  particular interest in observing people’s style preferences and the way they express themselves through their clothes. Style on the street offers such diversity. I'm always looking for the most exciting ideas and how to integrate them into our responsible approach. Curating fashion down to crucial pieces helps me stay focused, while still sharing my love of independent style.

As a victim of fast fashion throughout my twenties, I was unknowingly a significant contributor to fashion waste. It astonishes me that even today, more than 90% of the population is still unaware of the consequences of fast fashion and what it is doing to our planet and people. 

 During my research at school on sustainable fashion, I came across many promising designers from India and other countries. These talented artists design beautiful handcrafted fashion clothing and lifestyle products, made from eco-friendly or recycled materials that integrate technology and traditional craftsmanship while practicing fair trade, helping build a positive ecosystem.

This experience inspired me to change my buying habits. I went from being an ignorant buyer to being an informed and conscious shopper. I started investing in brands that work endlessly to create quality pieces without compromising on the style. I became intrigued by their story and their creative process. Each time I wore their creation, I felt happy and content.

Ammarah was born out of my strong desire to support designers, striving to bring a positive change in the fashion industry and our environment through their creativity. Our mission is to become the go-to brand for people who want to wholly imbibe conscious consumerism and conscious living. - Tripti