A designer brand from Mumbai, India, Nandni was founded by designer Soojata Gupta, a senior IT executive, with 24 years of corporate experience. She quit her industry to follow her passion and dabble with garment design. After understanding the basics of the design process she launched Nandni. She has a keen interest in handwoven fabrics, handwork, and subtle details which are well reflected in her work. Minimal and functional are the two best ways to describe her work.
Nandni is a Sanskrit word derived from the verbal root ‘nand’, which means ‘to rejoice’.  With a focus on organic fabrics and traditional Indian techniques, every Nandni creation tells a unique story that begins at the grassroots level. From handpicking the weavers and fabric to choosing a mix of dyes, prints, cuts, patterns, and styles, the collection is reflective of traditional Indian artisanal skills fused with modernity. The design and sourcing of the raw material are done in the studio. The sourcing of the fabrics is done from the weaver clusters directly.
All their pieces are made to order to avoid any fashion waste.  Given the amount of waste that is generated out of the fashion industry, the brand believes sustainability is the only way forward.  They believe the feel and texture of organic fabrics are something that cannot be matched. The brand derives inspiration from age-old techniques that help with surface ornamentation like crochet, beadwork, hand embroidery, and applique work. Based on these techniques, They aim to make products that transcend geographical boundaries and are seasonal less.

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